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Hope for the Future!
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A complete Faith Based study program


Old and New Testament Predictions

What if we could understand what was predicted in the Bible and apply those predictions  to today's world? How would these predictions change our lives? Our children's lives? Our loved ones?


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Hope for the Future Unveiled


What if you could see the future?

 Prophecies Unveiled offers a complete course on one of the most misunderstood books in the Bible. Learn as we share in a message that is both easy to understand and  comprehensive in every detail that will leave you amazed by the meaning of the book of Revelation  

Building a Habitation for God


Understanding the book of Mark

 Mark was a companion of Peter according to the early church fathers; Mark was not an apostle. He began his association with Peter as his interpreter and later his disciple. The purpose of the gospel is to declare that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. 

Christian Faith Unveiledt


What did James tell us and why is this message important today?

 The date of the writing of this epistle is uncertain, but was circa A.D. 45-50. James is believed to be the first book of the New Testament that was written. The church is described in it's form. The author of the book of James is most likely James, the Lord's brother. 

A study of Theddalonians


Instructions for the Lord's return in Thessalonians

 The first epistle to the Thessalonians was written in Corinth, fifty miles west of Athens, by the apostle Paul shortly after his departure from Thessalonica in A.D.51. (Acts17:10). This is the first of his inspired writings although this epistle is located near the end of the New Testament.  

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Will we know each other in Heaven?

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When will the end of time occur?

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